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DRYER MASHER Review: Is It Safe For Your Clothes?

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If you have been searching for a solution to all of your laundry problems, Dryer Masher dryer balls could be exactly what you have been looking for. We used this product in the hopes that it would take our laundry from average to fantastic and concerned about our clothes; but after testing it, we couldn’t be happier with the results.
These dryer balls are incredible, and we’re going to be sharing more information about them with you in this Dryer Masher review. If you are looking for another great option to do your laundry, read this Laundry Masher review.  Hopefully, you will then be able to make your own, informed decision about whether or not they are going to be the right choice for you.

What is the Dryer Masher?

Dryer Masher is a product that was created to sort out all of your drying needs.
Did you know that when you use dryer sheets, there is always a chemical left behind on your clothes and on the inside of your machine?
Well, Dryer Masher is the solution to this problem because it doesn’t have any chemicals on the outside to do this! Instead, it is a solution that allows you to get the fresh laundry that you desire, without having to use any added chemicals to do so! It is a ball shaped object with textured edges that you put in your dryer for freshness.
Essentially, it is a mixture of fabric softeners and dryer sheets that have been combined to create the solution that you need for your dryer. It assists the tumble dryer so that you don’t end up with wrinkled clothes!

How does Dryer Masher work?

Dryer Masher works by using softener beads in the textured ball to keep your clothes soft and fresh. You simply load up the ball shape with the beads that you can purchase, and they are refillable, so once the beads lose their scent after around thirty cycles, they can be changed. Once you’ve done this, simply put it in your dryer when you’re putting your clothes on and let it work it’s magic.
You don’t have to worry about it breaking and the beads spilling out everywhere though, because the material is strong enough to handle even the toughest cycle. It’s one of the simplest things that you can do to make your washing the best it can be, all the Dryer Masher reviews confirm.

Does Dryer Masher really work?

Yes! Dryer Masher works fantastically and does everything that is promised. Soft clothes are a given, fresh scent without being too strong is an excellent bonus. The product promises that it will give you fresh clothes that feel amazing, and that’s exactly what you get. We understand that you might be a little hesitant, especially if you have used the same products for a number of years, but this is an environmentally friendly solution that we couldn’t recommend highly enough. It’s not only me, all the Dryer Masher reviews say it is the best eco friendly option in the maket.

Is It Safe To Use Dryer Masher?

Dryer Masher is extremely safe to use for a number of reasons, it is safe for you and your clothes. The main one being that it takes special softener beads that go inside the product to achieve the results that you get. Therefore, there is no need to add any extra chemicals to your wash or dry when you’re going to use Dryer Masher dryer laundry balls. They are also better than using dryer sheets because these can create a chemical build-up that will end up coating the inside of your dryer. From there, every time you dry your clothes, the chemicals are going to be getting all over them. This doesn’t happen when you use Dryer Masher!

Which Fabrics Dryer Masher Good For?

Dryer Masher is an excellent choice for all fabrics that can be put in the dryer! Of course, anything that you wouldn’t normally put in the dryer, still don’t do this. Hang it up to dry like you usually would. However, anything that you put in the dryer and usually use a dryer sheet for is going to be Dryer Masher dryer ball friendly. Don’t worry about any particular fabrics, because this product is extremely soft on the clothes, it’s just sturdy enough to withstand being bashed around while the machine is going through its cycle!

Dryer Masher Benefits

Dryer Masher has a number of benefits for you to choose from, but one of the ones that we think is most important is the fact that it leaves your clothes smelling absolutely fantastic. However, this scent is also not massively overpowering so that you can smell it on the other side of the room, which is one of the issues that people find when using fabric softeners.
As soon as you put the softener beads into the Dryer Masher, just throw it in the machine and then it’s ready to go. There really is nothing else to do which makes it one the simplest things that you are ever going to have to do. You don’t have to worry about making sure that this is in there or that is in there, just chuck the ball in and press start. You’re not going to have to waste time anymore, so if you’re trying to get your washing done on the go, Dryer Masher dryer balls could be the solution that you need.

What Makes Dryer Masher Balls Different?

Dryer Masher stands out on the market because they offer you a solution that you didn’t know you needed. While you’re using washing powder, fabric softener and all other kinds of chemicals to get your clothes to feel soft and clean, Dryer Masher dryer laundry balls are doing it for you without any of the added chemicals. It’s a completely ethical, eco-friendly and skin-friendly solution that not everyone knows about.
Of course, there are other products like it on the market, but Dryer Masher just takes it to a whole new level. Being so simple to use is just one of the many benefits that it has, making cleaning your clothes a more enjoyable experience.

Where Can I Buy Dryer Masher Balls?

The only place that you will be able to purchase Dryer Masher balls is on the official website. As such, if you are interested in placing an order, you will need to head over there to do so. Don’t order them if you see them anywhere else because they are likely second-hand or have been purchased to resell.

Dryer Masher Pros and Cons

Dryer Masher has a number of different pros and cons, the same way that all products too. Nothing is ever perfect, although this product certainly does come close. When you use Dryer Masher dryer balls, you are giving yourself the opportunity to have fresh smelling, wrinkle-free laundry from a product that doesn’t use any chemicals and is great for the environment. When you use this product, you are contributing to saving the planet because once you fill up the beads, you can use it over and over.


  • Wrinkle-free laundry
  • Reusable
  • Fantastic fragrances available
  • No chemicals
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality

While there may not be much that we can fault about the Dryer Masher, it’s not perfect. There are a couple of problems with the product, and that includes the fact that they are quite pricey. If you don’t manage to catch them while they are on offer, you might feel as though you are paying too much. However, what might be a benefit for some is a negative for someone else and this is the fact that the scent isn’t as strong as that of fabric softener.


  • High cost
  • Fainter scent than fabric softener

Final Verdict

Overall, Dryer Masher makes every single load of laundry smell incredible, and super soft! The Dryer Masher is super gentle when it comes to the clothes, but is also able to withstand the rough and tumble of the washing machine! As well as this, the fact that it is simple to use makes life so much easier when trying to achieve soft, yet fresh smelling washing.
In truth, there is nothing that we would rather use than Dryer Masher from now on because it produced such incredible results. We’ve never experienced such wonderful results from using a single product before. Usually, to achieve the same kind of results that we’ve seen from Dryer Masher, we would need to combine a number of different products!
If you want an environmentally friendly alternative to dryer sheets that also don’t leave chemicals all over your dryer, Dryer Masher dryer laundry balls are exactly what you need. It is the high-quality solution that won’t damage your dryer or your clothes and will leave you completely satisfied with the results.
Some regular softeners actually have a negative impact on certain clothes because they reduce the amount of flame resistance that they have. This product won’t do that, leaving everything in the best possible condition due to all the chemicals being contained inside the softener beads which are always kept inside the ball itself.

Hopefully, now that you have read this Dryer Masher review, you know everything that you need to in order to make an informed choice about whether or not to make a purchase. Remember, the official site is the only place to purchase, so if you do want to do this, that’s where you’ve got to go!

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October 30, 2020

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