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Fever Patrol Review: Best no touch Thermomter

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Verdict: Fever Patrol is the safest and most efficient way to track your child’s temperature. Compared to other no touch thermometers, Fever Patrol offers the best value with a convenient and hassle free Money Back Guarantee. For its affordable price point, you get the same advanced technology used in hospitals in the comfort of your own home.

More parents are turning to Fever Patrol, but is it worth it?

Fever Patrol reviews have been mixed, but the need for no touch thermometers has been growing. With more viruses on the rise, people have been hibernating in their homes and taking more care when it comes to germs and unwanted bacteria. Some places even perform temperature checks upon entry as a precautionary measure. But what about taking accurate temperature readings in your own home to make sure you and your family are staying safe and healthy?

The best no touch thermometer hands down, is Fever Patrol.

Many Fever Patrol reviews are from parents and caretakers. I am also a parent, which is why these opinions are important to me. Any parent knows that the number one priority is always your child’s health and safety. And with flu season around the corner, it’s vital to know that your child isn’t trekking in any unwanted germs from school, daycare, or the playground.

What is Fever Patrol?

If you’ve been to any hospital or doctor’s office recently, you might have noticed the new, advanced method of taking temperature. When I was growing up, the thermometers we used were full of mercury and required to be in your mouth or other part of your body for a minute or sometimes longer. Today, thermometers don’t even need to make contact on your skin at all.

Mercury is known for causing life threatening and permanent damage to your body. This isn’t something you want to be putting in your baby’s mouth! But Fever Patrol is a no touch thermometer using advanced technology that is now available to the public.

Here’s why you should be upgrading to Fever Patrol:

  • Requires no contact
  • The safest way to take temperature without the spread of germs or unwanted bacteria
  • No mercury!
  • Takes less than one second to work
  • It’s the best baby thermometer available to the public according to Fever Patrol reviews
  • Its 100% accurate
  • It can hold up to 64 previous reads to better track your child’s temperature
  • Displays digital temperature reading, no complicated measurements
  • Provides an easy to understand color code to know when there’s a spike in your child’s temperature
  • Can be used to take the temperature of other objects like baby formula, food, bath water, etc…

Your Baby and Fever Patrol

Have you ever tried taking the temperature of a crying baby? It’s not fun. When your baby or child is sick, the last thing you want to do when they are finally getting some sleep is to wake them up. But as a parent, it’s also important for you to stay on top of their temperature to make sure they aren’t getting worse.

Using the Fever Patrol is the safest, easiest and most effective way to take your baby’s temperature.

Step 1:

Select “body” or “object” mode on the device.

Step 2:

Hold the sensor above your child or object, while pressing down on the button.

Step 3:

Hold the button until you see the reading. Repeat as necessary.

Is Fever Patrol the best value?

Compared to other no touch thermometers on the market, Fever Patrol is definitely the best value. You can buy other ones from bigger name brands, but I find that they are not as accurate or work as fast. With the Fever Patrol, you can take your baby’s temperature multiple times in a row and get an accurate read, but I found that with other thermometers, the temperature was always off each time.

How much does Fever Patrol cost?

One Fever Patrol costs $39.99, while others cost more than $100. And if you happen to check at the right time, you might catch them on sale. The more you buy, the bigger the deal. I even purchased a few more to keep in my car and my baby bag.

If you happen to buy the Fever Patrol and for some reason you decide it isn’t right for you (which I highly doubt will happen), you can still return it without any hassle. So, there’s absolutely no risk to you.

Why should you get Fever Patrol now?

If you’re a parent or a caretaker, you shouldn’t wait when it comes to your child’s health and safety. Early detection of illness could prevent serious symptoms later on. Fever Patrol reviews claim it’s the most reliable thermometer they have ever used and you should never go anywhere without it. It’s a must have for any diaper bag, along with other essentials you need to keep your baby happy and comfortable, especially when they aren’t feeling their best.

Fever Patrol Cons

The only thing I had an issue with, is that you can only purchase this thermometer online. I usually like to test things out before I buy them, but luckily there were enough positive Fever Patrol reviews that I felt comfortable buying it on the spot. And they have a great return policy as well, so I didn’t feel like I was out of pocket if I didn’t like it.

Final Verdict

I’ve tried other thermometers out there, but this is the best no touch thermometer for baby and children temperatures. It still works great on other things as well, but as a parent, the Fever Patrol thermometer is now my go-to device when my child is sick.

There are other things you can do to prevent sickness and the spread of germs, but there is still a chance of you or your child contracting illness no matter how careful you are.

Use Fever Patrol to check temperature and always have peace of mind knowing that your child’s health is at its best. Make it a part of your daily routine if you know flu season is coming around, and even double check their temperature when they come home from school or daycare. You can never be too careful, and it takes less than one second to find out if they require extra attention.

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