Bug bulb bug zapper light
Easy to use
15 hours of bug protection
Low-profile and sleek design
Adjustable settings
Protects against bugs
Perfect for outdoor use
Safe around kids and pets

Jason July 29, 2022 Home
100% Safe to use: Has numerous safety features to keep your family safe
Compact and portable
Very user-friendly

The HeatCore portable heater is the perfect solution when you have a cold home or office and need something that’s lightweight but powerful so you’re not uncomfortable the entire time you’re working.

Jason November 17, 2020 Home
Jason September 30, 2021 Home
Wrinkle-free laundry
Fantastic fragrances available

Did you know that when you use dryer sheets, there is always a chemical left behind on your clothes and on the inside of your machine? Well, Dryer Masher is the solution to this problem.

Jason October 30, 2020 Home
Works instantly
Heats up body temperature if placed in the right location
Safe for humans and pets

People are going crazy over this new heater, but is it any better than the other brands out there?

Jason October 16, 2020 Home
All age-appropriate
Intelligent hydroponic circulation system
No green thumb or past experience required

Dr Goodrow is a smart indoor hydroponic system that encompasses everything you need to grow up to ten plants at a time, regardless of your gardening experience level.

Jason January 26, 2021 Home
The three different fan options provide constant circulation.
Compact and portable so anybody can take it wherever they want, from the office to the spare room.
Its activated charcoal filter provides an extra benefit. Activated charcoal is a powder used to takes impurities out of the immediate environment.
It provides ionized clean air, ensuring that you are breathing high-quality air.

Jason May 4, 2021 Home
Very easy to use
Gets rid of mosquitoes conveniently
Safe for everyone

BuzzBGone is a mosquito trap and killer. Before we get in any further, we’d like to tell you a lot more about BuzzBGone. What is it? How does it work? This product is designed to get rid of mosquitoes in any area.

Jason September 1, 2020 Home
Works of all forms of knives
Safe to use for everyone
Very easy to use

SliceChum is a portable knife sharpener that gives a razor-sharp edge to your most important kitchen tool (knives) companion in just mere seconds!

Jason January 26, 2021 Home
Compact vertical design and modern look
Effortless allergy control
Eliminates pest related issues almost completely

Most dehumidifiers are anything but slick, smartly designed, or compact – but that’s exactly what the DivinAir Dehumidifier is.

Jason November 2, 2020 Home