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Kompress Kinetic Review 2022

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You know what I hate more than anything? Foot pain. I bet you can sympathize with me. When you get home after a long day, what’s the one thing that almost always bothers you? Your feet.

They ache. They hurt. They swell.

If you’re like me and work a job that has you on your feet all day, you feel this pain every single day. I used to complain to the nurses on shift about the swelling, and someone even suggested medical compression socks, but I wasn’t into those beige long, ugly stockings old people usually wear (no offense to anyone reading this that is currently wearing them).

But after doing some research, I discovered a little secret that can help you kiss foot pain good-bye and the best part is they don’t look like your grandma’s socks. They’re called Kompress Kinetic , and they’re not your ordinary pair of compression stockings

What are Kompress Kinetic ? How Do They Work?

Kompress Kinetic  are anti-fatigue compression sock sleeves. You read that right – compression. No, they’re not like those beige stockings your old Aunt Vera used to wear. Reading some reviews about compression socks I found that they are a favorite among doctors and the best compression socks for nurses.

These foot sleeves look just like any other pair of socks you own. But they have a unique texture design that creates compression in all the right areas to alleviate pain and swelling.

And unlike other compression footwear, they come with completely adjustable focal straps. This compression technology allows you to apply compression on any target areas of your foot that could benefit from pain relief and extra comfort. This promotes healthy circulation and boosts your energy with every step.

I was skeptical of Kompress Kinetic at first because they don’t actually cover your toes. I wrongly assumed that your entire foot had to be covered to see the benefits of compression socks. But as soon I slipped them on, I instantly felt they had the best arch support of any sock I’ve ever worn.

The great thing about sock sleeves is that they can be worn under your regular socks.

If you’re a runner, you probably have your favorite socks that you wear with your favorite trainers. You can still wear your favorite socks and get the compression benefits of Kompress Kinetic . It’s a win-win really.

Let me take a minute to tell you how these socks work. There are 7 targeted zones and 3 compression levels. These targeted zones are visible on the socks themselves and include:

  • Three zones along the bottom of the foot, which helps with plantar fasciitis
  • Three zones along the ankle
  • One zone along the top of the foot

Another thing I like about these socks is the copper infused technology. Copper compression socks really help with swelling and alleviate joint and muscle pain. Kompress Kinetic are also one-size-fits all. I don’t have to bother with foot measurements or worry about returning a pair because they didn’t fit properly.

The Benefits of Kompress Kinetic

The compression technology used with Kompress Kinetic  actually helps prevent plantar fasciitis. It also helps prevent or alleviate swelling and pain.

Kompress Kinetic’s compression technology:

  • Has been shown to limit swelling for people who are on their feet all day
  • Promotes blood circulation

Kompress Kinetic  were actually designed by a podiatrist who has extensive experience treating foot pain caused by poor support in the arch, heel and ankle.

If these were designed by a podiatrist, you can be pretty confident that these Copper compression socks work well and actually provide you with the compression you need.

Preventing Plantar Fasciitis

One of the main benefits to wearing Kompress Kinetic  is that they can actually prevent plantar fasciitis.

Here’s how:

  • It supports the plantar fascia connective tissues from your heel all the way to the underside of your toes.
  • It naturally elevates and supports the arch of the foot to prevent flat feet, which can put excess strain on the fascia tissue.

If you’re a runner or a person who’s on their feet all day at work, you know the importance of preventing this painful foot condition.

Sure, plantar fasciitis can heal on its own over time, but you’ll be in a lot of pain until it reaches that point.

What if you already have plantar fasciitis? Kompress Kinetic  can reduce your healing time, especially if you couple them with stretches and exercises. The compression action will help improve blood flow to your feet, which will allow for more nutrients and oxygen to reach this area. The improved blood flow is what speeds up the healing process.

I really like that you can wear these compression sleeves underneath your regular socks. They’re thin enough that it doesn’t feel strange wearing them under socks, but they’re still thick and sturdy enough to give you that compression you crave. Even with the straps, they’re comfortable to wear all day with different footwear. When I was first looking into compression socks, the purpose was to stimulate blood flow while sitting for long periods of time. This is one of those helpful: tips to take care of your feet when you travel! Otherwise, your blood could pool at your feet and cause swelling and excruciating pain.

The modern design of Kompress Kinetic  also makes them fun to wear – even underneath your regular socks. I’ve had compression socks that were just ugly, and I felt embarrassed wearing them. These compression sleeves look just like any other athletic sock or recovery gear that you’d wear.

The Verdict

Rating 96%

Overall, I’d say that Kompress Kinetic  are nearly perfect. They have three levels of compression and seven targeted zones to keep your feet happy and pain-free.

They’re also designed to prevent plantar fasciitis, pain and swelling. They have a sleek, modern look, and they fit nicely underneath your regular socks.

The only real complaint I have about these compression sleeves is that they’re one-size-fits-all. Don’t get me wrong, I think the sizing is convenient. But if you have abnormally small, large, wide or narrow feet, there’s a chance that Kompress Kinetic  may not fit well. If they don’t fit you well, they won’t do their job well (i.e. you won’t get the same level of compression and pain relief).

You’ll have to test them out and experiment with the straps. I suggest wearing them with your socks and shoes around the house first to see what’s comfortable. Alternatively, if throughout the day you want to loosen or tighten the pressure, the straps allow you to do that.

These are really only issues that will bother a handful of people, but I like to think about all of my readers whenever I review a product. These may be potential issues you’ll have to consider, or they may apply to you at all.

If you have foot pain, swelling or plantar fasciitis, I recommend giving Kompress Kinetic  a try. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose by giving them a try. They’re one of the best compression socks you’ll find.

Right now, you can also get a 50% discount on your order. If you buy 3 Kompress Kinetic , you GET TWO FREE. You’ll also get FREE SHIPPING with your order.

You don’t have to struggle with foot pain, swelling and discomfort. And with Kompress Kinetic , you don’t even have to get rid of your favorite socks.

Get your Kompress Kinetic now!

September 6, 2020

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