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MindInsoles Review: Are These Insoles Going to Help You Live Pain-free?

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If you’re not living your best life because your feet constantly hurt, you do have options.

Foot pain doesn’t have to control your life.

And that’s why I’m going to review the MindInsole reflexology insole for you today. This is my favorite insole, and it’s designed with special magnets and massage points to hit all of those reflexology points that provide long-term pain relief.

I initially thought that this was a MindInsole scam, but the more I dug into this product and the company behind it, the more I realized how well this product really works. These are the best shoe inserts  we’ve tried.

MindInsole Reviews: Are These Insoles Really Able to Massage Your Feet?

Insoles offer primarily padding, but MindInsoles aims to be different. You can buy extra padding for your shoes in most stores, but you can’t find many options that focus on acupressure points. If you are looking for something for an athletic lifestyle, you may want to try shoe inserts like Dr. Scholl’s or Hyperspace, which are really popular amongst athletes. These focus more on training and recovery. 

MindInsole are great for everyday use with any style of shoe. You see, when you choose MindInsole, you’re choosing an insole that’s designed to:

  1. Relieve pain. Foot and leg pain are relieved once you slide these insoles into your shoes.
  2. Reduce stress. You’ll be walking on insoles that are designed to massage and apply acupressure to your feet with every step.
  3. Energy. Stimulation of acupressure points and magnetic therapy leave you with more energy throughout the day.

And these are a one-size-fits-all product. You can trim the insoles to fit into any shoe. Breathable, the insoles will keep your feet dry and without odor or moisture. It’s the perfect solution for anyone that has foot or leg pain that won’t go away.

Every step promotes blood circulation and boosts energy.

Acting as the world’s first acupressure insoles, these insoles work differently than anything that you have ever tried. Insoles often provide just basic foot alignment and cushioning – it’s great, but not enough.

That’s something I learned a lot about when searching for MindInsole on Amazon.

I wasn’t able to find another insole that was able to focus on key acupressure points in the body. This is the same concept that’s used in acupuncture, but instead of needles, pressure is used to bring the body back into natural balance.

Magnetic and acupressure therapy are offered through:

  • 5 magnets that are placed at key reflex points in the foot to alleviate pain.
  • 12 large acupoints that support the body’s core and foot’s arch.
  • 120 medium acupoints that are in key areas to stimulate reflexes.
  • 270 small acupoints that aim to provide enhanced blood flow and circulation in the feet.
  • 400 massage points that offer your feet superb comfort with each and every step that you take.

When you start to find pain relief for your feet, you’ll also find that a lot of other problems seem to fade away. Your feet are tied to the rest of your body, and your feet may cause pain in your back, legs and even hips.

An easier way to find pain relief, insoles are the answer to relieve aches and pains in your feet.

It will take some users a week or so before becoming used to having insoles in their shoes, but for others, they will be able to feel comfortable with their insoles rather quickly. People from around the world are buying multiple pairs of these insoles to put in all of their shoes.


Because MindInsoles can provide relief for:

  • General foot pain
  • General leg pain
  • General lower back pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Ankle pain

If you’re like me, you know that your feet get swollen after a long day of standing or walking. A lot of this swelling is due to the foot condition that I suffer from (plantar fasciitis). The tendons become inflamed and swollen.

But inflammation and swelling are a major part of most foot-related issues.

MindInsole takes control of swelling, allowing you to alleviate much of the fluid buildup in your feet and ankles through a special technology aimed at improving circulation to your lower extremities. The technology doesn’t require compression socks or any special medication.

All you need to do is wear your insoles, and circulation is improved while pain is reduced.

It’s the perfect way to get rid of unnecessary swelling in your feet.

When I wear MindInsoles, I know that I am helping better my foot health. These insoles are not designed for just one condition. General foot health is considered, so the insoles will provide me with the best possible solution to a plethora of foot-related problems .

Every person’s foot condition is different.

MindInsole aims to provide a solution to all of these foot conditions. But if you’re still on the fence, you can read more about insoles and see how they compare to MindInsole on this review article here on mepinetwork.org.

People who know where to buy MindInsoles (I have added a link below), have been able to:

  • Remove toxins in the body that have been able to accumulate from a lifetime of poor blood circulation.
  • Relieve sore legs and feet that stop people from engaging in normal, everyday activities.
  • Strengthen their muscles by engaging in more physical activity.
  • Enjoy life to the fullest thanks to the increase in energy and strength.

It’s a catch-all insole that provides your feet with the pain relief that they need, boosts your energy and makes you live life to the fullest.


  • Relieves foot, leg and back pain
  • Increases overall energy
  • Promotes a happier lifestyle


  • No specific foot conditions helped

If you have a severe foot condition or deformity, these insoles may not be able to help as much as a custom orthotic would be able to help. But when the condition is mild or moderate, you can often find relief with MindInsoles. There are some conditions that will not be able to be helped without surgery, custom orthotics or pain medication.

One common condition, which is usually genetically predetermined, is low arches, or flat feet. There are insoles made specifically for this condition such as Sof Sole and Superfeet insoles.

Rating: 96%

MindInsoles is our go-to product for foot pain and relief. You don’t need to live with foot pain, and there’s no reason to with our 50% discount and FREE SHIPPING offer. We’ve been able to secure these great deals just for our readers.

And, if for some reason, you don’t like MindInsoles, you can return them under a 100% money back guarantee.

You have nothing to lose but your foot pain when you choose MindInsole inserts.

Get your MindInsoles now!

September 13, 2020

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