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Relieves foot, leg and back pain
Increases overall energy
Promotes a happier lifestyle

If you’re not living your best life because your feet constantly hurt, you do have options. Foot pain doesn’t have to control your life. And that’s why I’m going to review the MindInsole reflexology insole for you today.

Jason September 13, 2020 Self Care
LaidBack Foot massager
Manufactured from premium materials—including high-quality components —for durability and comfort
Offers infrared therapy for pain relief and cell regeneration
Offers deep tissue massage through vibrational therapy—with customizable cycles to choose from

LaidBack is an FDA approved, 4-in-1 foot massage unit that sends electric pulses through the feet and legs to boost circulation and stimulate muscle activity.

Jason October 30, 2020 Self Care
This product gives you instant results.
The strips are hypoallergenic.
This product was created by medical experts.
This product can be used every day.
This product can help you avoid cosmetic eye surgery.

Jason April 23, 2021 Self Care
Sweat-absorbent, breathable and elastic fabric

Targeted at providing a new and effective way to provide affordable treatment to people suffering from knee pain, Caresole Circa Knee Knee Compression Sleeve does not just alleviate the pain, but protects the knee against pain, by combining breathable materials and tactical design that targets chronic knee pain.

Jason October 9, 2020 Self Care
Has been shown to limit swelling for people who are on their feet all day
Promotes blood circulation
Designed by a podiatrist who has extensive experience treating foot pain caused by poor support in the arch, heel and ankle

Kompress Kinetic  are anti-fatigue compression sock sleeves. You read that right – compression. No, they’re not like those beige stockings your old Aunt Vera used to wear.

Jason September 6, 2020 Self Care
Comfortable and breathable
Doctor-recommended 20-30 mmHg compression
Prevent foot pain, discomfort, fatigue, plantar fasciitis, and other conditions

Mindinsole Compression Socks are unique medical socks made of high-quality spandex and nylon. Their purpose is to relieve pain, fatigue, and general discomfort in the lower legs by applying pressure and keeping feet in a proper position.

Jason November 27, 2020 Self Care
No power outlet is needed
It is portable and lightweight
It provides instant relief from pain and stiffness

NeckRelax is an amazing device that eliminates stress and stiffness in your neck and shoulder area. It works because it is an electronic device that emits gentle pulses that get rid of the pain so that you can feel better almost instantly.

Jason December 10, 2020 Self Care
Easy to put on
Not visible under clothes
Easy to wash

RenuBack Relief is a back brace like no other — it eliminates back pain, corrects posture, and gives immediate relief!

Jason September 24, 2020 Self Care
Striking Design
Low-cut and available in multiple colors
Help improve blood circulation

The first thing you’ll notice about these socks is their striking design. The contrasting colors and patterns aren’t just for aesthetics. Sure, they look great, but there’s a method to the madness.

Jason September 6, 2020 Self Care
20-30 mmHg of compression, which provides better circulation benefits
Modern design
Their sizes accommodate most people

The compression socks from PowerLix are proof that relief doesn’t have to come in a boring package. But looks aren’t the only thing these socks have going for them. While I don’t love everything about PowerLix, they’re worth considering if you need moderate relief.

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