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SliceChum Review: Can It Get You Chef-Grade Knives in Seconds?

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If you still don’t have SliceChum in your kitchen, it might seem daunting to sharpen your own knives, but it’s an inexpensive way to take what could be trash-your dull knives-and turn it into a gem (a brand new knife set!).

Seeking a decent knife sharpener can be as tricky as seeking a decent knife. Some knife sharpeners only work on particular kinds of knives. Plus, the sharpness result levels greatly depend on the sharpener’s quality and how much effort and time you spend on the sharpening process.

So, if you have been in search of a product that not only performs well but is also easy to use, then we’ve got just the thing for you – SliceChum Knife Sharpener!

After reading several SliceChum reviews I decided to test it by myself. That’s how I confirmed  this compact and portable knife sharpener will help repair and maintain your knife blades properly as soon as the need arises, and that too from the comfort and convenience of your own home!

Another option is to get high-quality Japanese knives like Huusk Knives , the best chef knives in the market.

Continue reading this SliceChum review to learn more about the product; say no to dull knives!

What Is SliceChum?

SliceChum is a portable knife sharpener that gives a razor-sharp edge to your most important kitchen tool (knives) companion in just mere seconds!

Just because your old knives are dull does not mean they are a lost cause. You can easily breathe new life into them and restore them to their former glory by using the SliceChum knife sharpener.

The SliceChum is a compact knife sharpener that has two sharpening blades: ceramic and tungsten. The tungsten blade is specifically designed for coarse sharpening to bring a dull, damaged blade back into service. Whereas the ceramic sharpening blade is ideal for finer honing and can make a good knife great.

The SliceChum knife sharpener will burnish, maintain, and even fix the edges of your knives and, more importantly, increase the life of your knives.

SliceChum Features

  • Compact in size
  • Portable
  • Two sharpening blades: ceramic and tungsten
  • Easy to use
  • Works on all types of knives
  • Suction power for safety
  • Light-weight

How Does SliceChum Work?

SliceChum is extremely easy to use!

As explained earlier, the SliceChum has two individual sharpening blades: ceramic and tungsten. The tungsten blade is exclusively designed for coarse sharpening to bring a dull, damaged blade back into its former glory. Whereas the ceramic sharpening blade is perfect for finer honing and can make a good knife great.

All you have to do is simply just pull the dull blade of your knife into the desired slot (ceramic or tungsten) a couple of times, and your knife will be instantly revived and upgraded into something you can only otherwise find in the arsenal of a professional chef.

Here are five easy steps to follow when using it:

  • Step#1: Place SliceChum knife sharpener on a stable, smooth surface.
  • Step #2: Twist with the ‘LOCK’ arrow to fix in its position. The suction power ensures that it does not slip and cause injury.
  • Step #3: Pull a dull knife through the coarse slit, starting from the heel to the tip for about three to six times. You can pull a couple of more times in case a knife is severely damaged or dull.
  • Step #4: Conclude with one or two pulls through the finer slot.
  • Step #5: Once you are done sharpening, wipe down your knife’s blade with a wet cloth.

And that’s it! How easy was that?

Is SliceChum Safe to Use?

Yes, the SliceChum knife sharpener is easy and safe to use, as many SliceChum reviews. The device’s suction power fixes it in position and ensures that it does not slip and cause any injury. However, I’d still like to announce that children should not use SliceChum or any other knife-related gadget. Therefore, keep all such products away from infants and young children.

Who Should Buy SliceChum?

SliceChum Knife Sharpener is particularly designed for people who love to spend time in the kitchen. If your dull knives are holding you back from making delicious meals, then this is the perfect product to add in your kitchen arsenal!

Make cooking easier, fun and more importantly, delicious with the SliceChum.

Why Should You Get A SliceChum?

A new set of knives can cost you thousands of dollars! However, if they are dull, then even an expensive knife set is not of much use. This is where the SliceChum comes into play – bring your dull, old knives back to life with this amazing knife sharpener and save yourself from buying new ones.

Additionally, in this SliceChum review, we specifically want to highlight this product’s hands-free safety feature. The SliceChum knife sharpener’s base is fitted with a powerful suction cup that ensures it does not budge an inch while you’re sharpening a knife. This ensures that no injuries occur during the sharpening process.

Lastly, the lightweight and ultra-compact design makes its storage a hassle-free task. Just tuck it away in your kitchen’s cabinet. This way it will be ready to go whenever you need it.

Where Can I Buy SliceChum?

I suggest you buy the SliceChum knife sharpener directly from their official website to prevent buying any counterfeit products. Moreover, they’re currently offering discounts. If you order now, you will receive 50 percent off your purchase.

SliceChum Pros and Cons

If after reading this SliceChum review, you are still wondering why you should buy the SliceChum Knife Sharpener, to make the decision easy for you, here are some benefits that make this product worth the purchase;


  • Safer: When a knife turns dull, it causes you to exert more pressure while cutting. And by exerting more pressure and force, there are high chances that the knife may slip out and cause severe injury. But you won’t have to fret about that with the SliceChum ceramic knife sharpener. It doesn’t require force and is safe to use. Moreover, its suction power ensures that the device doesn’t slip and cause injury.
  • Portable: SliceChum knife sharpener is a portable tool that can give your knives a razor-sharp edge in just a few seconds. So, if you’re planning to go on a hunting expedition or camping, make sure to add the SliceChum knife sharpener in your backpack!
  • Two Sharpening Blades: It has two sharpening blades, i.e., ceramic and tungsten. One is of course for sharpening while the other is for finer honing
  • Better food presentation: It breathes new life into dull and dead knife edges with its highly effective ceramic sharpener. So, say no to dull knives ruining your food’s presentation and flavor with the SliceChum ceramic knife sharpener.
  • Speed and Precision: With a sharp knife, you cook with precision and speed and most importantly, it makes your food look and taste better. It helps you to achieve this by revamping your dull knives in seconds.
  • Easy and effortless to use: It makes it very easy and effortless to use. It makes it effortless to get your knives to a professional chef standard, and that too in just a few seconds. Moreover, it will instantly improve your cooking skills as a whole.
  • Delicious food with ease: People who spend a great deal of their time in the kitchen, know that knife skills are life skills. And knowing how to keep and sharpen a knife is one of the most crucial things you can learn when prepping for a meal. With its ceramic blades helps you to sharpen your knives easily for delicious meals. For example, when you use an adequately sharpened knife on herbs, they discharge more aromatic oils than being mushed into a sad-looking clump by a dull knife.
  • Cost-effective: Instead of purchasing a new knife all the time and throwing new ones out, you can easily and cost-effectively revive and upgrade dull, old knives with the SliceChum knife sharpener.
  • Fits anywhere: Due to its compact size, the SliceChum knife sharpener can fit anywhere. You would not have to worry about its storage, and more importantly, you can also carry it with you on a traveling expedition.
  • Works of all forms of knives: Unlike other knife sharpeners that work well only on some kinds of knives, the SliceChum knife sharpener performs exceptionally well on all types of knives.

Cons of SliceChum

In my opinion, the drawbacks of the SliceChum Knife Sharpener are very meager to bother about.

Limited product availability: Due to high demand and limited product availability, the SliceChum gets out of stock pretty quickly. Therefore, make sure you get yours ASAP.

SliceChum Review: Final Verdict

With the SliceChum Knife Sharpener, say no to your kitchen’s worst offender –dull knives. A knife is arguably an essential tool in the kitchen. However, it is crucial that the blade is sharp.

I think I need not say anything further in this SliceChum review, and I hope it is quite apparent that SliceChum is the perfect partner for your upcoming kitchen adventures. It is indeed worth the price and reputation.

Click here to Get your SliceChum!

January 26, 2021

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