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What Do Mosquitoes Eat?

While you might imagine a mosquito landing on you in a bid to attempt to feast on some of your blood, this is not the only way that mosquitoes get their fill. Mosquitoes gain their energy to live by eating several different things, including small bacteria, algae, plant juices such as nectar, and of course, the blood of other organisms, when given the chance. Their diet can also depend on their sex.

If you have ever asked yourself “What do mosquitoes eat?”, then you have come to the right place. This article is going to explore in-depth how mosquitoes go about getting their energy, what their food sources are, and even what animals eat mosquitoes. There is a lot of content to get through here, so jump right in!

Understanding a Mosquito’s Diet

One of the first things you will want to come to understand about how a mosquito eats is the fact that its diet is going to depend largely on the sex of the mosquito. You see, when a baby mosquito is first hatched, it will eat smaller microorganisms and things that might be present in the area where the mosquito was hatched. 

For example, you can expect a baby mosquito might eat things like bacteria, small bits of algae, and more. When a mosquito is in its pupal stage, it actually will not need to eat anything. When it comes to adult mosquitoes (both male and female), a major part of their diet consists of nectar – which, of course, means that mosquitoes help pollinate plants around the world. 

What do female mosquitoes eat?

Female mosquitoes are the only ones who are able to pierce the skin and drink the blood of other animals. While you might be wondering why it is only females that possess this trait, the answer is actually quite simple – female mosquitoes need protein in order to create and lay eggs. One of the most abundant sources of protein is the blood from other animals, which makes landing on humans and trying to take a bit such as appealing time for a mosquito. 

Female mosquitoes might also get their fill of blood right before it is time to go into hibernation. This blood will help the mosquito make it through the winter season – and during this cold snap, the female mosquito can go up to six months without having anything to eat or drink.

What do male mosquitoes eat? 

Male mosquitoes, unlike female mosquitoes, do not dine on the blood of other animals. However, when it comes to the diet of a male mosquito, it really doesn’t differ that much from their female counterparts, aside from blood meals. 

While male mosquitoes don’t have the ability or the need to participate in drinking blood, they do partake in nectar, honeydew, plant sap, and more. You will find that aside from the occasional meal of blood that females enjoy, male mosquitoes share the same dietary preferences with female mosquitoes.

How long can a mosquito live without food? 

Mosquitoes are quite the hearty critters – they are able to survive without food for months on end at times. Female mosquitoes are known to be able to go months without food, especially in the colder months when it is time for hibernation. Females will need to eat more consistently when the weather begins to warm back up, however. 

Adult male mosquitoes normally have a lifespan of about 10 days, and the insects are known to be able to go without eating for up to four days. Adult female lifespans are longer, but when the warmer months show up, the female mosquitoes also need to be consistently eating in order to stay alive.

What Eats Mosquitoes? 

As you wander around your lawn and discover mosquitoes trying to land on you, you might be wondering what animals eat mosquitoes. Thankfully, there a good deal of critters out there who will munch down on a mosquito if given the opportunity.

Here are some examples of animals that eat mosquitoes, so don’t harm these creatures if you see them around your lawn – they are working on keeping the mosquito population down for you!

Do bats eat mosquitoes? 

You might have heard the old saying claiming that bats are able to consume up to 1000 mosquitoes in a single night at some point in your life. While it is certainly true that mosquitoes can make up a decent part of a bat’s diet, it is a myth that they are out there eating 1000 of the pests a night.

It can seem impossible to answer the question of how many mosquitoes do bats eat, because it really simply depends on the number of mosquitoes present, what time of year it is, and more. Bats can also survive on a diet of other insects, which can include beetles, wasps, and more.

Do dragonflies eat mosquitoes? 

Yes, they sure do. Dragonflies are one of the natural predators that hunt mosquitoes and eat the pests through every stage of their life. If you find yourself curious about how many mosquitoes do dragonflies eat, you might be pleased with the answer. 

Dragonflies are capable of consuming hundreds of mosquitoes in a single day, and they are also capable of going beyond their place of birth to find more to snack on. This is because a dragonfly is able to travel up to several miles away from bodies of water with ease, helping them find even more mosquitoes to make a meal out of.

Do crane flies eat mosquitoes? 

You might have heard of this insect by other names, including mosquito hawk and mosquito eater. Despite these nicknames for the crane fly, you might be surprised to learn that their diet is actually quite limited, and doesn’t involve eating mosquitoes at all. 

That’s right – the nickname of the crane fly is a little deceptive. The crane fly does not actually hunt mosquitoes for food. Instead, it feeds on the nectar of plants, if it is able to feed at all. You see, the entire point of these creatures’ lives is normally simply to mate and then die, thanks to their relatively short lifespan of a mere 2 to 15 days. 

In short, next time you find yourself wondering what do mosquito hawks eat, keep in mind that their nicknames are a little deceptive. These insects have nothing to do with mosquitoes, a nice piece of trivia you can keep in mind the next time you hear someone wondering what do mosquito eaters eat.

Buzz Off, Mosquitoes!

The next time you find yourself thinking about what eats mosquitoes, take a moment to keep some of the above insects and animals in mind, and mentally thank them the next time you see one floating around your property. Let these insects roam free, and you might be able to enjoy a lesser population of mosquitoes in your yard when the weather begins to warm up.

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