OBGYN Morning Rounds 

5 stars

Course: OBGYN
Ownership: Dr. Mike Hughey
URL: http://obgynmorningrounds.com/blog/
Cost: Free
Link to textbook: http://www.brooksidepress.org/Products/OBGYN_101/MyDocuments4/Text/Text.htm

This resource is our top pick for OBGYN. The corresponding textbook is also free online.  This is a free, comprehensive course with great features such as patient charts and videos for many procedures. It is easy to navigate and is a sequential 6 week program. However, computers have to be set up to play a variety of video types/ audio players to use this site optimally. Some of the videos are fuzzy and difficult to see. This is a remarkable resource and could significantly augment student learning on an OBGYN rotation. In fact, in places with limited faculty presence, this course could serve as the OBGYN course for medical students. Also, the corresponding textbook is free online.

SPECIAL NOTE: This resource also has a second website, that is not set up as a course but it does include 15 free podcasts, audio lectures, simulations, and skills labs.
URL: http://grayhairedobgyn.com/


This free resource is a 6 week OB/GYN clerkship designed to "fill the gaps" and "enhance" the experience of third year medical students. The rotation for each week is split from Monday-Friday, and takes less than an hour to complete daily. The content is divided into daily schedules and learning objectives. Students also have the option to proceed directly to the clinical areas: hospital rounds, outpatient clinic, operating room, afternoon lectures, OBGYN skills lab.

All the content is organized in a structured manner in the index. There are videos, patient charts, pictures etc. for the students to learn from. Additionally, students can track their progress using a tracking sheet provided on the website. Clinics could are hard to search through because they do not have descriptions until you click.

It is targeted at US Medicine.


This course could save considerable faculty time. It provides daily lectures and clinical scenarios that are realistic and cover all of the major topics of a standard ob/gyn course. Its missing full exams, this could replace most if not all of a course. It is USA based