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These 5 Affordable Shoe Insoles Can Cure Your Foot Pain

Shoe insoles are a cheap, effective way to stop foot pain .

But why isn’t your doctor recommending them? They make no money off of them unless they offer custom orthotic inserts.

What if I told you that there are insoles for flat feet? Plantar fasciitis? Achilles tendonitis? Pain in the sole of your foot?

The best shoe insoles will be able to:

  • Alleviate foot pain
  • Help with arch-related problems
  • Save you money

And you can buy insoles right online today. You don’t need to go to a doctor or pay a lot of money for your insoles.

5 Shoe Insoles Everyone with Foot Pain Needs



MindInsoles are massaging insoles, and they will massage your feet with every step that you take.

And you’re getting one of the best shoe insoles on the market because it’s been designed from the ground up to be different. These are truly one-of-a-kind insoles with the following key features:

  • 12 large acupoints
  • 120 medium acupoints
  • 270 micro acupoints

When combined, these acupoints do the following:

  • Relieve pain in the foot’s arch
  • Massage the foot while you walk
  • Increase circulation when you walk

Immediate pain relief is the key of MindInsoles, and you will find pain relief. You’ll also find that these insoles provide you with: endurance, cooling and total body relief. Your feet will be cooler, your pain will be reduced, and the circulation increase will provide you with a boost of energy.

It’s a triple-threat insole.

Cooling magnets stop the foot from sweating and leaving your feet uncomfortable when you walk. There are three key sole areas that are designed to provide:

  • Stress relief
  • Energy increase
  • Mind and body balance
  • Fitness level increase

MindInsole has been shown to provide potent back pain relief, too.  When you walk, the insoles will take pressure off of your joints and back. Sore feet are remedied within just a few hours of wearing MindInsoles.

You’ll feel rejuvenated. You’ll suffer with less pain. You’ll have more energy.

Every step provides your feet with the massage that they need to be comfortable even after a day of walking around. For me, this is the world’s most comfortable shoe insoles.


  • Focuses on multiple areas of the foot
  • Utilizes acupuncture points
  • Offers foot and back pain relief


  • Not sold in stores

Discomfort, pain and aches will start to dissipate. You will benefit from overall foot health. Over time, you’ll feel better than you have in years. It’s a small price to pay for feet that feel better than they have in years.


Superfeet Insoles

Superfeet insoles offer aerospring comfort with dual comfort foam to provide superb cushioning. You’ll find that there are multiple size options, and 90% of consumers claim that this product fits perfectly.

Offering a 2-inch thickness, Superfeet is designed for superb heel support.

Superfeet achieves this in a few key ways:

  • Reinforced stabilizer cap that supports the heel
  • Deep heel cup that provides more support during high levels of activity

High-impact foam provides full-length comfort while the biomechanical shape helps stabilize the foot and offers stress relief for the entire foot.


  • Organic material controls odors
  • High-impact foam layer to absorb shock during high impact
  • Super heel support


  • Thickness not ideal for smaller shoes

My only complaint with Superfeet is that the thickness is two inches, and if your shoe is already a bit tight, these insoles are not for you. They’re thick, which is perfect for someone that needs extra shock absorption.

Otherwise, the reinforced stabilizer cap supports the heel and offers better support for your foot.


Dr. Scholl’s Athletic Sport Insoles

Dr. Scholl’s offers products in most stores, but I have found the price on Amazon to be more affordable. The great thing is that these insoles are cheap, and they offer better comfort during normal activities.

These insoles fight fatigue in your:

  • Feet
  • Legs

Massaging gel technology helps reduce stress on your lower body, i.e.: ankles, feet, calves. Side-by-side stability is also provided with improved motion control thanks to the flexible arch shell.


  • Gel provides impressive comfort
  • Minor side-to-side support
  • Specific size options in ranges


  • Gel flattens over time

Gel will flatten over time, and when this happens, I have found that these shoe insoles slide around. You’ll need to replace these gel insoles more often if you’re very active.

If you’re in the market for a very affordable insole that does offer great shock absorption, this is the insole for you.


Sof Sole

Sof Sole’s AIIR Orthotic insole is full-length, and this insole cannot be trimmed down like you can do with other insoles. I like this aspect because you really are able to maximize your comfort and support when you don’t cut the insole down in size.

Air bubbles are in the heel of the insole, which offer shock absorption when you run or engage in higher impact activity.

The arch is reinforced with a nylon plate to enhance motion and promote proper arch alignment. There’s also COOLMAX fabric that wicks away moisture. The fabric prevents bacteria growth that leads to foot odor.

Air chambers work to absorb shock, while the polymer gel in the forefoot also works to absorb shock as you walk.


  • Full-length comfort and support
  • COOLMAX fabric keeps foot odor at bay
  • Perfect for an active lifestyle


  • Air bubbles burst over time

One issue that I want to mention is that the air bubbles in the heel do burst on some users. When this happens, the insole is rendered useless at this point. But the issue rare, and it will only happen during very intense exercise.


Superfeet’s Black DMP

Superfeet’s Black DMP are a bit more expensive than some of the other options we’ve reviewed, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not a good insole. These insoles are high-volume and low-profile, and they’re also flexible to provide biomechanical support for your foot.

The memory foam top layer provides shock absorption and also conforms  to the foot’s natural position.

Comfort is superb, and these insoles also have a stabilizer cap in the heel that has closed-cell foam lawyers. A heel cup provided additional impact absorption in the heel. You’ll also find that there’s an all-natural coating that fights odor.


  • Memory foam provides pressure-sensitive technology to capture the foot’s natural shape
  • Heel and stabilizer cap provide great support for plantar fasciitis
  • Odor-control coating to eliminate bacteria


  • Sizing is a little small

Superfeet did an amazing job with the Black DMP, but one thing that I have seen mentioned is that sizing is a bit small. You want to make sure that you look at the sizing, measure properly and maybe purchase a size higher just in case the size is a bit small.

Do You Really Need Orthotic Inserts?

Maybe. You see, most shoes have inserts already, but these inserts are not going to stop your foot pain. The inserts that come with your shoes are the bare minimum, and they won’t provide you with the same pain relief that the best shoe inserts offer.

You should have inserts, and the reason is that they provide your foot with more cushioning and shock absorption.

If you have foot pain or you’re simply on your feet often, insoles will provide you with:

  • Cushioning
  • Shock absorption
  • Pain relief
  • Support

Statistically, 77% of Americans suffer from foot pain. Insoles can help alleviate this foot pain. When you don’t have foot pain, you can walk longer distances, feel better when you walk and live an active lifestyle.

So, do you need orthotic inserts?

No, but they will increase your quality of life if you have foot pain. And even if you don’t have pain, insoles are a proactive way to keep your feet pain-free.

Can Insoles Really Stop Foot Pain?

Yes, most foot pain can be solved with insoles. You have to know how to pick the right insoles  (more on that below), but the majority of foot pain can be alleviated with shoe insoles. The key is to purchase the right pair.

If you have flat feet, make sure that you buy the best insoles for flat feet.

But let’s say that you have a genetic issue where your foot’s bones are misaligned. You may be able to absorb more shock with insoles, but you will not be able to fix an issue that likely requires surgery.

With that said, most forms of foot pain can be remedied with insoles, including:

  • Flat feet
  • Heel pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • High arches
  • Fallen arches
  • Tendon issues

You’ll find that every condition and insole is different. You may be able to find relief in just a few days, or you may have to wait a week or two to find relief. The key is to continue using your shoe insoles to help keep the pressure off of your foot’s key pain points.

What Benefits You Can Expect from the Best Insoles?

Insoles are great, and we have already found out that they can help combat most forms of foot pain. But what other benefits do they offer?

A lot.

When you choose insoles, you’re choosing a pain relief option that offers:

  • Over-the-counter options. Insoles are sold over-the-counter. You never need a prescription for these insoles, and you can purchase them online or in most stores. Custom inserts are available when these over-the-counter options do not work. But when you go the custom avenue, you’re going to pay a significantly higher price than you would for the inserts that we have reviewed.
  • Immediate satisfaction. Insoles can be purchased and at your doorstep this week. Immediate satisfaction means immediate pain relief. It’s a lot faster than custom options that may take weeks or even over a month to have made.
  • You’re able to do your own research when choosing over-the-counter options. Read reviews, find out what others are saying and finally make your own decision on which insoles to purchase. When you have custom solutions created, you don’t have many options and are often at the mercy of the doctor’s recommendation.

Affordability and access are two key reasons why I recommend that you seek shoe inserts before custom ones.

But there are reasons for you choosing custom options, too. Custom options allow you to have specific foot conditions targeted. Let’s assume that you’ve had a spinal cord injury or a stroke where you’ve lost some of your ankle’s mobility.

Inserts are not going to help, but custom solutions may provide the support you need.

For most forms of foot pain, where there’s no disability or serious defect, you’ll be able to find relief with over-the-counter options.

How to Choose the Best Shoe Insoles

We’ve reviewed shoe inserts for flat feet, massaging insoles and other insoles that can provide your foot with support and comfort. I recommend reading through all of our insert reviews. These reviews will provide you with an inside look at how well insoles work.

But you can also follow these tips to help you find the right shoe insoles:

  • Sizing. You’ll want to make sure that you either choose the right insole size, or an insole that can be trimmed to size. You don’t want to walk around with an insole that is not properly sized because it will defeat the entire purpose.
  • Guarantee/Warranty. If the insole doesn’t work or fit, is there an option for you to return it? This is very important because there are a lot of different products. Some products work, and others will not. Protecting your investment is an essential part of ordering products online.
  • Pain. Try and determine why you’re feeling foot pain. There are a lot of different types of foot pain. Self-diagnose the issue, and then try to find an insole that is designed to correct this issue.

I recommend MindInsoles over other products because they’re a good, all-around solution to foot pain.

We’ve secured a special deal just for our readers.

Today we’re able to offer you a 50% discount and FREE shipping on MindInsoles. You won’t find a better deal. And we can’t promise that this offer will be around tomorrow.


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