Internal Medicine Introductory Lecture Series

2 stars

Course: Internal Medicine
Ownership: The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Cost: Free

This resource is a library of video lectures on a comprehensive list of topics. The videos are long, and may take a long time to load. The lectures are old so some topics will be out dated. The quality of the videos is also not especially great. We gave this resource 2 out of 5 stars becuase the lack of engagement makes it unable to replacce any part of an internal medicine course.


This resource consists of a series of introductory lectures focused on Internal Medicine. There is a wide scope of information in this lecture series that is very relevant and on point.
The poor quality of the videos makes this resource very difficult to recommend. If the videos were improved this could be an excellent resource. It is targeted at US medicine.


This would not replace lectures given by faculty. If the videos had up to date content and was presented with updated technology, then maybe they could be useful. But as is, they would not be engaging enough nor provide students with the right information to replace any part of a course.