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Blast Auxiliary Review: Scam Alert or Blast Desktop AC Really Works?

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What Is Blast Auxiliary AC?

Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra is one of the latest energy-efficient air conditioners on the market. For anybody looking to provide a cooling solution while they are on the go or in an uncomfortable environment, a portable cooling system is essential. We live in an age where we are constantly on-the-go, and it is so important to cool down quickly, wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

The device is two essential devices rolled into one by combining an air conditioner with the features of a humidifier. The Blast Auxiliary AC is more energy-efficient than any other portable air conditioning unit on the market, and its portability makes it an incredibly handy device whenever you go. Another cool option you may try is Arctic Air Pure Chill personal space cooler.

Whether you want to cool down in your home, office, or tent, this little device is the most convenient option. The Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra unit is compact and features an internal battery, allowing you to take it anywhere. The cordless unit has a USB Type-C charging cable. It charges quickly and can last for up to eight hours on a single charge.

The unit measures 6.8 x 6 x 6.8 inches and weighs just under two pounds. It also features a handle for easily repositioning or carrying the Blast air cooler.

The Blast Auxiliary AC is a multi-functional device. It can work as an air conditioner, humidifier, or standard fan. It includes three separate speed settings and an adjustable louver for fine-tuning the airflow to suit the environment.

The main operating mode is the air conditioner, which uses thermoelectric cooling to effectively lower the temperature in any room. The device also includes an ice tray for fast evaporative cooling action. The included water curtain acts as a filter and an optional cooling method. The air that passes through the water curtain comes out the other side cooler and with increased humidity.

If you just want to feel a breeze, you can switch the device to fan mode. It can work as a standard desktop fan with three speeds. Along with multiple cooling options, the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra can work as a humidifier. It can mist the air around you to increase the humidity in the room.

Is Blast Auxiliary AC Legit?

It certainly is! The great thing about Blast Auxiliary AC is that it can be used either as a regular fan or as an air cooler. The humidifier function makes sure you are breathing high-quality air, and the fresh freezing cold air pumped by the ice tray makes it a godsend when the blistering heat hits us. Compare this to other devices on the market where they are either functioning as an air cooler, fan, or just as a humidifier, and in this device, you have an amazing array of options to choose from. Throw in the fact the portability of this nifty device and it is a useful device that can change the air around you in the way that you want it.

How Does Blast Auxiliary AC Work?

Blast Auxiliary AC works like a regular air conditioning unit, but with the added benefit of a humidifier in a neat little portable package. Wherever you want to go, you can take the cool air with you. The device works with a rechargeable lithium battery, and also comes with a type C USB cable to ensure that you can charge it wherever you go. When the battery has reached its full capacity, it can work for up to 8 hours before another recharge, and its three settings mean you can find a comfortable level for you.

Here comes the science! The Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra device cools the air using one of the most eco-friendly methods of air conditioning, the thermoelectric principle, which causes evaporation, and the device then cools to lower the temperature around you. As a result, you won’t feel distracted by hot, heavy heat when you are in the middle of something. A thermoelectric air conditioning system works by converting electrical energy to thermal energy and operates according to the Peltier effect, where it creates a temperature difference by transferring the heat between two electrical junctions. The voltage is applied across to join conductors which creates an electric current, and when the current flows, the heat is removed, resulting in cooling.

Based on Blast Auxiliary AC reviews, this is the most convenient way to keep yourself cool on a hot summer day. To start using the Blast portable AC unit, you simply need to charge the device and fill the water tank with water. You can then set the device anywhere and start cooling down.

Unlike traditional air conditioners, the Blast Auxiliary AC device does not require refrigerant or a significant amount of power. You also avoid the need to place the AC unit in a window, which can be a hassle in apartments or spaces without windows that easily support standard air conditioners.

Evaporative coolers are often used as an alternative to refrigerant-powered AC units in regions with low humidity, such as the American South. With an evaporative cooler, the device relies on ice to transfer cool air to the room. However, once the ice melts, the device stops cooling the room.

The Blast Auxiliary AC device includes an ice tray for quicker cooling action but can still effectively cool a room without ice. The ice tray is provided as an optional way to boost the cooling power of the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC or the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra.

The Blast Auxiliary also functions as a standard fan or a humidifier. The top of the unit includes a charging indicator, a spray indicator, and a fan indicator, along with a fan button. To turn on the fan, you simply press the fan button. To activate the humidifier, you press the fan and spray indicator buttons at the same time.

What Is Included in Blast Auxiliary AC?

The Blast air cooler comes with everything needed to keep yourself cool. You receive the main unit, which is made from ABS plastic and has a water tank capacity of 300ml.

The Blast Auxiliary air cooler also comes with an instruction manual, a water curtain, and a Type-C charging cable. The water curtain acts as an extra cooling accessory and a filter. As the unit sends air through the curtain, it collects moisture and distributes cooler air into the room. It also helps catch airborne particles, making the air both cooler and cleaner.

As customers have mentioned in Blast Auxiliary AC reviews, the provided Type-C charging cable can be plugged into any 5V USB adapter, such as the ones that come with most smartphones and tablets. You can also plug the charging cable into the USB port of your laptop or computer, which is convenient for desktop use at work or your home office.

Does Blast Auxiliary AC Really Work?

If you are looking for a way to cool a room, Blast Auxiliary AC works perfectly. If you have a space in your property prone to overheating, Blast Auxiliary AC is a wonderful way to evoke that pleasant and cool feeling wherever you go. If you are traveling, you don’t have to worry if your hotel room is going to be cool enough for you to relax. If you are someone who has a standard desktop fan, but the weather is so hot that it’s just not cutting it, the Blast Auxiliary AC is the best way for you to keep cool quickly, all without the maintenance of regular AC units. You just need to wipe it down with a towel, clean the vent area every so often, and you will get the best out of it.

How Does Blast Auxiliary AC Compare to Other Similar Devices?

Blast Auxiliary AC is not the only desktop portable air cooler. There are many other devices designed to keep small rooms, offices, or tents cooler.

For example, the IBASTE Portable Air Conditioner is almost identical to the Blast air cooler. Both options are compact and include an internal battery for portable use. The designs also resemble each other. However, the Blast portable AC device stands out due to the quality manufacturing and components.

While you can find cheaper units, you are unlikely to find an air cooler as dependable as the Blast Desktop AC Ultra. The Blast portable air cooler is more reliable and durable. It is built to provide continuous cooling action for years to come. Other than replacing the water curtain once or twice per year, you should not have any problem staying cool.

Another major difference between the Blast Auxiliary personal air cooler and other choices is the use of thermoelectric cooling technology. Many other portable air coolers rely solely on evaporative cooling, which is less efficient and effective compared to thermoelectric cooling.

If you search for “air cooler,” you are likely to find dozens of nearly identical devices that are about the same size as the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra. However, the other devices often do not include thermoelectric cooling.

Evaporative cooling uses water-soaked pads or trays of ice to create cool air. The fan draws hot air into the unit. The hot air passes through the pads or ice, which causes evaporation. The cool liquid is turned to gas and expelled through the unit as cool air.

Unlike traditional air conditioners, evaporative coolers do not draw moisture out of the air. They add humidity, which keeps the room from drying out. However, in regions that are already humid during the warmer months, evaporative cooling can leave your room feeling muggy and uncomfortable.

Thermoelectric cooling is more efficient, as it does not require moving parts to generate cool air. Without moving parts, the components used for thermoelectric cooling are also likely to last longer.

Blast Auxiliary AC reviews often complement the device for its ability to quickly cool small rooms. Within minutes, you can feel more comfortable.

The lack of moving parts also results in whisper-quiet operation. If you need to use the cooler at night, the sound of a loud fan may keep you up. Using the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC or Blast Desktop AC Ultra allows you to stay cool without a loud fan or excess humidity. However, you also have the option of supplementing the thermoelectric cooling with evaporative cooling to enjoy a blend of the two cooling methods.

Another advantage of the Blast Auxiliary cooler over other choices is the ease of use. Setting up the air cooler only involves a few steps.

The bottom line is that you are unlikely to find another air cooler capable of creating cool air without the hassle associated with traditional AC units and cheap evaporative coolers. The Blast Auxiliary device is convenient, reliable, and affordable.

What Are the Maintenance Costs of Blast Auxiliary AC?

Unlike traditional air conditioners, you do not need to deal with costly maintenance and repairs. A standard AC unit may experience refrigerant leaks, which can keep it from working properly. The Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra does not use refrigerant and does not have moving parts, other than the fan.

The maintenance costs of the Blast Auxiliary air cooler are minimal. Most Blast Auxiliary AC reviews praise the affordability of this little unit. You should not need to buy anything for it, other than a water curtain replacement every six to eight months. The portable air cooler comes with a water curtain and replacements retail for just under $20. Other than the water curtain, you simply need water and ice to fully utilize the features of the Blast Desktop AC device.

Additional maintenance is required to keep the Blast Desktop AC Ultra working efficiently. You may need to occasionally wipe the components and interior with a clean cloth to remove any calcium buildup from the evaporating water.

Along with limited maintenance costs, Blast Auxiliary AC reviews often mention the low operating costs of the device. It is at least eight times more energy-efficient compared to a traditional AC unit, allowing you to stay cool without driving up your electricity bills.

Can Blast Auxiliary AC Cool a Room?

Blast Auxiliary AC works to humidify the air, and for people who are constantly on-the-go, or need the environment to feel cooler, this is the best way to do it. The compact nature of this device gives you more options than most other devices out there. Whether you are exercising, studying, or in a small office with poor air conditioning, you have a device that can work in most environments. They are fantastic for cooling small rooms, and when you are stuck at home in confined spaces that are prone to overheating, Blast Auxiliary AC devices provide instant relief.

Who Is Blast Auxiliary AC Good for?

They are fantastic for people who need to keep cool over an extended period of time. Its 8-hour runtime makes it a perfect choice for 9 to 5 workers who need their immediate environment cool. For those people who are very particular about how cool they want their immediate environment, the three fan speeds allow the optimum comfort level. With directable airflow, it is ideal for people who are stuffy and uncomfortable. For people prone to allergies, especially during the summer months, it can be unbearable. As it works to cool the air while also humidifying it, dry summer air tickling throats is a thing of the past. For people prone to dust allergies, the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra keeps the room dust and germ-free, so the air is not just cool, but high-quality as well.

Individuals who live in dry, hot regions tend to benefit the most from the dual thermoelectric and evaporative cooling methods provided by the Blast Auxiliary personal air cooler. The device can add cool, humid air to the room to make your environment more comfortable.

Based on Blast Auxiliary AC reviews, this device is also recommended for situations where you cannot install a window AC unit or a standard portable AC unit. Traditional air conditioners require access to a window. A window unit sits in the window while portable units often come with a hose that connects to a plastic vent inserted in the window.

Placing a unit or vent in the window can leave gaps that may allow bugs and other pests to enter. The gaps also reduce the efficiency of the cooling unit.

Blast Auxiliary AC reviews often discuss the portability of the device. You do not need a window. You can set the device anywhere, turn it on, and start cooling your room.

Travelers should also consider getting a Blast Auxiliary device. The small unit can keep you cool on the road, in your tent, or a cheap motel. No matter where you go, you can enjoy the comfort of cool air.

Blast Auxiliary AC FAQs

How user-friendly is Blast Auxiliary AC?

Because it’s compact, it provides more options than wall-mounted units. Blast Auxiliary AC reviews often mention how user-friendly the device is. You can set it anywhere, such as a desk or countertop. You can also take it with you on trips thanks to the internal rechargeable battery.

The Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra is more user-friendly compared to other devices. It includes just three buttons on the top of the device for changing operating modes and fan speeds. Setting up the device also takes just seconds. You only need to fill the water tank to enjoy hours of cooling action.

How many functions does Blast Auxiliary AC have?

The Blast Auxiliary device has three main operating modes: cool, fan, and humidifier. The cool mode uses thermoelectric cooling and evaporative cooling to keep your room cool. The fan includes three speeds and an adjustable louver. The humidifier setting delivers a cool mist to the room. The three different settings mean people can choose their ideal room temperature.

Is the Blast Auxiliary cooler safe to use?

Yes, the Blast Auxiliary cooler is completely safe to use in any environment. However, after filling the water tank, the device must remain upright. Tilting the unit may cause water from the tank to spill inside, which may allow water to reach the internal components, such as the fan or circuit board. For safe operation, place the Blast Auxiliary device on a flat, stable surface, such as a desktop or counter.

Does Blast Auxiliary AC require installation?

No. Take it out of the box, charge the unit until it is full, pour some water into the top of the device, add a replaceable water curtain at the front, and within 30-seconds, it will be fully functioning.

Is Blast Auxiliary AC better than a standard air conditioning unit?

Naturally, due to its compact size, the power of the Blast Auxiliary AC is different from a much larger unit. When people look at the Blast Auxiliary reviews online, a lot is made of the fact that it is portable, however, this makes it better for people who are on the go. A fully functioning air-conditioning unit will naturally give out more power.

Is it energy-efficient?

Most people are looking to save the planet in some little way or, at the very least, save some money on their energy expenses! For people looking to save money, the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra will be a great option in comparison to a central air conditioner. Because it is cheaper to operate than a bigger unit, this is much more economical. So, if people need to focus on cooling certain areas of the home, either due to a poor AC unit, or a lack of one, it will work in their favor.

How Much Does a Blast Auxiliary AC Cost?

On the website, there are numerous options for someone looking for an AC. The website comes with a different package, depending on their needs:

  • One Blast Auxiliary air cooler retails at $89.99
  • Two Blast Auxiliary AC air cooler retails at $179.98
  • Three Blast Auxiliary AC air cooler retails $202.48

However, right now, this is with a 50% discount on all of these devices. The price might go back up soon. If anybody wants to make the most of the offer, they should buy theirs as soon as possible.

Where Can I Buy a Blast Auxiliary AC?

They can only be purchased directly from the official https://www.getblastauxiliary.com/ website. The 50% discount is automatically applied upon entering the website.

Blast Auxiliary AC Pros and Cons


  • The three different fan options provide constant circulation.
  • Compact and portable so anybody can take it wherever they want, from the office to the spare room.
  • Its activated charcoal filter provides an extra benefit. Activated charcoal is a powder used to takes impurities out of the immediate environment.
  • It provides ionized clean air, ensuring that you are breathing high-quality air.


  • It is not 100% suitable for large spaces. As it works to cool the immediate area using a convection current, it is more effective in smaller rooms.
  • It might not be affordable when not on sale.
  • Only available to order from the website, and not currently available offline.
  • Not as powerful as a traditional AC.

What Is Blast Auxiliary’s Refund Policy?

Blast offers a 30-day guarantee for the Blast Auxiliary coolers. If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of the Blast Auxiliary cooler during the first 30 days, you may request a refund. You may also request a replacement instead of a refund if the device is faulty. The refund policy does not cover shipping and handling but does cover the purchase price of the unit.

When you purchase the Blast Auxiliary cooling device, you receive peace of mind knowing that you can return the unit for a full refund if it does not meet your expectations. However, due to the overwhelmingly positive Blast Auxiliary AC reviews, you are unlikely to want to return the device.

Keep in mind that the refund policy is only backed by the company when purchased through an official website. If you want to receive the 30-day guarantee, do not purchase the Blast Auxiliary cooler from an unofficial retailer.

Final Verdict

Blast Auxiliary AC reviews praise the convenience and effectiveness of this device. People across the world have discovered the simplicity and portability of the Blast Auxiliary air cooler. The internal rechargeable battery allows you to use the cooling unit anywhere. You can take it on a camping trip, use it in your office, or easily place it in different rooms of your house or apartment.

With three operating modes, three fan speeds, and an adjustable louver, the Blast Auxiliary cooler is also a versatile device. You can use it as a portable air cooler, humidifier, or standard fan. As the Blast Auxiliary air cooler is backed by a 30-day refund, you have nothing to lose.

If you are looking for an air cooler that is convenient, portable, this is exactly what you need during the hot summer months. The Blast Auxiliary AC is one of the best options out there. Whether you are at home, or on the move, it will give you exactly what you need.

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May 4, 2021

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BEST CHOICE 2023 Blast Auxiliary Review: Scam Alert or Blast Desktop AC Really Works?
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BEST CHOICE 2023 Blast Auxiliary Review: Scam Alert or Blast Desktop AC Really Works?
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