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KoreScale Review – A Winner Smart Scale?

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If you are wondering whether the smart scale KoreScale is worth its weight (pun intended), here’s the low down. The consumer KoreScale review consensus is that it’s everything one could want and need in a scale for overall fitness measurements, track your progress and monitor your health. In addition to registering your actual body weight, it can tell you your BMI, bone mass, body fat, body composition, muscle mass, bone mass, visceral fat, basal metabolic rate, skeletal muscle, body composition, metabolic age and much more.

Korescale is the newest, most remarkable tech fitness product on the market right now! 

It’s the solution to gaining valuable physical information about one’s body, to monitor your health from home, so going to a high-priced gym or fitness physician’s office is not necessary. This is especially helpful for those with ailments and diseases which require a high level of diet, exercise awareness and knowledge of what’s going on inside your body, as there’s no need to get up and out of the house.

What is KoreScale?

KoreScale reviews make it clear that KoreScale is a miracle tech device that provides users with personalized roadmaps to better health and to track your fitness through bioelectric impedance analysis making use of BIA technology. Those seeking to reach peak fitness and weight loss will get accurate and easily attainable metrics on the aspects of their fitness which need improvement by using the biometric sensors of the KoreScale smart scale.

KoreScale syncs with a FREE KoreScale app on one’s smartphone or smartwatch to track your progress, body weight and changes in bodily fitness matters like weight, BMI, bone loss and other important factors which impact human health. The sleek scale for in-home use or anywhere really. Here’s what it measures…

  • Body weight
  • BMI
  • Body fat
  • Moisture
  • Bone mass
  • Protein
  • Visceral fat level
  • Muscle mass
  • Metabolic rate
  • Skeletal muscle
  • Physical age!

Who is KoreScale Good For?

Korescale is great for ANYONE… fitness fiends, those recovering from an injury, or anyone simply wanting to look and feel their best. Here’s what those who use Korescale say it has to offer:

  • Regular and accurate monitoring of your personal fitness factors
  • Easy, in-home use
  • Use of Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA)
  • Sleek design and comfortable foot pads
  • KoreScale app works with all smart phones and pairs with apps like Fitbit, Google Fit, and Apple Health
  • Helps keep track of an individual’s fitness goals (can keep a record for multiple users)
  • Made and used by health experts

Components and Their Effectiveness

Now, let’s look at how the scale is being received by people who have bought it and used it. These results are based on reviews from people who used it for a whole month. Here are the main components which most interested consumers:


KoreScale’s ability to tell your health age is what consumers found motivating. Actually seeing results that tell you that your health is getting younger made the users want to keep up the exercise and smart eating. Who likes to suffer through grueling workouts if there won’t be a benefit in the end. These daily results do the trick!

Easy to Use

Since the results on KoreScale can be monitored by our smartphones and even smartwatches, access to your statistics is quick and easy. All of the users found the app itself to be super easy to use, so no frustration there. The straightforward graphs which show the reading results has color coding, too.

The prominent color on your progress report will tell you the current status of your personal fitness and progress as follows:

  • Green – doing a fantastic job
  • Yellow – could perform a little better but okay
  • Red – need more improvement than yellow
  • Blue – unsatisfactory

Helpful Information

To not be mislead on one’s weightloss being sufficient to improve overall health and strength, the BMI (Body Mass Index) monitoring system is great to keep one on pace until your health and fitness has improved enough to actually help monitor your health, lower your body fat, increase muscle mass and eat according to your basal metabolic rate.

Some of the serious health problems that can result from long-term bad BMI are heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. When one’s BMI value is in the target zone of between 19 and 24, his weight is a healthy one for him. Once BMI drops below 19, it’s possible that one is underweight. And, likewise, over 24 can mean over a healthy weight.

Basically, what KoreScale does is calculate one’s BMI. You don’t have to go through the trouble of seeing a fitness expert for measurements and lots of questions. The smart weight scale can sense and monitor current and changes in BMI, so it’s regularly calculating the body mass divided by the square of the user’s height.

Automatic regular guidance

Since KoreScale also measures one’s fat vs. muscle weight, a user will always be able to tell whether their current exercise routine is actually burning fat and helping to lose weight or not. No one wants to work up a sweat and waste their time working out if it’s not going to reach their goal to lose weight and build or maintain muscle. This is not a concern if they use the smart scale KoreScale to monitor their health and fitness.

Plus, KoreScale sends updates on a regular basis if it finds a change in your health metrics, so one will know right away if they are gaining or losing too much weight, must change their routine, or change their diet. These kind of automatic updates given by the smart weight scale let you keep your mind on other matters to maximize your productivity in general.

Those who experimented with KoreScale smart scale found that the updates were spot-on, and helped them monitor and tweak their health routines just right so they could almost immediately get back on the right path to healthier bodies and minds.

Does KoreScale work?

According to KoreScale reviews, absolutely. When looking at the KoreScale reviews, it’s quite clear that the smart scale does work. The customer reviews who have been using KoreScale for a month ALL decided to keep it, claiming that it changed their lifestyle to such a positive degree that they wouldn’t want to return to life before the scale.

Other people using KoreScale love how it’s like having a personal trainer. Now, that’s a game changer! The KoreScale reviews also contain a lot of props for how the scale saves users time by not having to guess all the time on the best course for weight loss and physical fitness.

Is KoreScale accurate?

KoreScale smart weight scale is accurate and provides high precision data. If it weren’t accurate, then the physicians, nutritionists and pro athletes who rely on it certainly would not use it. It’s digital weight scale and highly precise set of four sensors makes this the best body assessment tool on the market for physical analysis.

You just have to step on it with your bare feet and you’ll know what’s going on inside your body which will help you enjoy your fitness journey more, stay motivated and get in shape. Whether you see the information right on the smart scale or in the KoreScale app (such as Apple Health), you’ll accurately track not only your body weight, but also body fat, muscle mass, visceral fat, basal metabolic rate, just to name a few.

Is KoreScale worth it?

You bet! The numerous KoreScale reviews say so. While some might bawk at the price because it seems to be a lot for a smart weight scale, it’s not. This smart scale is so much more and so important to all of us. What’s more important than being as healthy as possible? Our friends and family sure want us around and well for as long as possible.

We spend way more on medical bills than we could ever on this scale, and using the KoreScale can improve your health, possibly even leading to savings on medical expenses. How much more does one need to know to realize that this scale is a great investment?

It provides 10 different important health metrics (listed above) besides telling you the body weight and only costs $99.99… even less per unit if two or three are bought at the same time! That’s a small price to pay to possibly fend off heart disease or cancer.

Plus, since one scale can keep track of statistics for eight different users, it’s like buying eight KoreScales for the price of one! Can’t beat that.

Why should you get KoreScale?

It’s a smart investment in yourself and those who need and love you. But KoreScale is also for an entire family. One scale can monitor metrics of up to eight different users.

  • Makes you aware of when and how your physical fitness may be slipping
  • Precise information tells you exactly what aspect of your fitness needs attention
  • Reliable information for actually improving your fitness, not just losing weight
  • Provides 11 different metrics whereas other smart scales only sense up to seven
  • It has a 100% Full Refund Money Back Guarantee
  • Its Korescale app is easy to understand and provides color code to each metric

Where can I buy KoreScale?

Since its debut in January, 2020, it’s been used in countless fitness gyms and professional sports training gyms by some of the most successful MMA fighters, boxers and body-building competitors, but now it’s available to the general public.

Visit KoreScale’s official website for easy and quick purchasing! Right now, save 50% when you pre-order. Shipping of orders begins on or before June 20, 2021, so don’t miss out on getting this state-of-the-art fitness assistant this summer!

KoreScale Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy, built with medical grade materials
  • Sleek design fits anywhere
  • Works with FREE app
  • Guides each individual's fitness plan to the particular user's needs
  • Improves overall health and wellness
  • Prevents time wasted on work-outs and diets that won't work 
  • Low price. Costs a tenth of what a laptop costs
  • Easy to read and understand the graphs showing fitness statistics
  • Keeps your personal metrics private from other users


  • Not chargeable; needs 4 AAA batteries to power it
  • Only available for purchase on the KoreScale website
  • Limited quantity, so shop soon

Final Verdict

As consumer fitness products go, KoreScale is a “MUST-HAVE.” If MMA champions use it, then it’s safe to say that the final verdict is one, two, three, four, FIVE STARS!

Click here to Get your KoreScale!

May 13, 2021

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