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20-30 mmHg of compression, which provides better circulation benefits
Modern design
Their sizes accommodate most people

The compression socks from PowerLix are proof that relief doesn’t have to come in a boring package. But looks aren’t the only thing these socks have going for them. While I don’t love everything about PowerLix, they’re worth considering if you need moderate relief.

Jason September 6, 2020 Self Care
Plenty of colors available
You can wear these with sandals, boots and underneath other socks

SB SOX says their compression foot sleeves are medical-grade and FDA-registered. You’ll notice the unique texture design of these socks, and there’s a reason for it.

Jason Self Care
Easy to wear
Flexible and comfortable design
Prevents pain
Reduces shock by 40% for athletes
Accommodates wide-width shoes

You’re an athlete. You train hard, and you take care of your body. But you also know that training can take a serious toll on your body. You know how to deal with sore muscles (ice baths, foam rolling, nutrition, etc.), but how do you deal with foot pain?

Jason September 15, 2020 Self Care
Biomechanical support
Memory foam for cushioning and comfort
Heel cup for proper foot alignment
Stabilizer cap for extra support

Low arches, or flat feet, can make your life miserable if you don’t have the right support. If you’re on your feet all day, your arches may ache or burn by the end of night.

Jason September 12, 2020 Self Care
Foot pain is lowered
Reduction of injury risks
mprovement in performance by keeping your muscles in place and reducing fatigue

BLITZU has designed their socks to offer a convenient, comfortable way to stop all forms of foot pain. These socks follow compression sock technology fundamentals, ensuring that the socks compress the foot to provide support, relieve swelling and inflammation and also relieve pain.

Jason September 6, 2020 Self Care