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What Attracts Mosquitoes?

Mosquitos choose their victims depending on light, blood type, UV light, colors, food, smell, and sweat. Even if you meet their criteria, you can still avoid these pesky creatures through repellents, insecticide, or a mosquito-catcher.

Mosquitos can ruin any outdoor event with their itchy bites, not to mention the rest of your night as you lay in bed scratching away. Today we’ll take a look at the details of what attracts a mosquito and the best strategies for avoiding mosquitos and their bites altogether. 

Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Light?

Since mosquitos are most active in the evening, they depend on light in their search for food. This is why you find many of them swarming towards your backyard torches or porch light. 

Warmer hues, such as yellow bulbs, are a better option against mosquitos. These bulbs produce a wavelength of light that is more difficult for pesky insects to see. Changing your lightbulbs may not save you from bites completely, but it will complicate the mosquitos quest for your blood. 

Are Mosquitoes Attracted to UV Light?

UV and blue lights produce stronger wavelengths of light than other bulbs. These wavelengths attract more insects, including mosquitos, alerting them to a potential meal. 

Research proves that mosquitos prefer green and blue light over red. This is why many bug zappers and UV light traps use these colors to catch and kill mosquitos. BuzzBGone is a great example of a mosquito trap that lures the insects in with a cool-colored UV light. Mosquitos flock towards this wavelength and are instantly sucked into the trap, leaving the local humans bite-free.

Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Certain Blood Types?

Various studies have shown that mosquitos do prefer some blood types over others. All human beings have one of four blood types:

  • A (positive/negative)
  • B (positive/negative)
  • AB (positive/negative)
  • O (positive/negative)

So, what blood type are mosquitos attracted to? Here’s a clue: It’s the same type that blood donation centers prefer…

Research has shown that mosquitos prefer the O blood type over others, especially compared to A. That means that if you have A or AB blood, you could find a few friends with O blood to sit near you at the campfire… you’ll likely avoid being bitten!

What Else Attracts Mosquitoes to Humans?

Apart from our attractive blood, other things attract mosquitos specifically to humans.  This includes our smell and chemical composition. 

Mosquitos use your scent to find you, so be wary of your strongly scented deodorants, lotions, or perfumes – especially floral scents. On the other hand, they’re also attracted to strong smells like sweat or stinky feet. 

If you’re generally a warmer person, mosquitos are also more likely to seek you out. They use heat to find their prey, not to mention you’re also more likely to smell sweaty.

Your diet can also affect the scent and temperature you give off. Eating salty or sweet foods will cause your body to give off more lactic acid, attracting mosquitos and other bugs. Alcohol is another threat that tends to raise our body temperature and increase perspiration. 

What Colors Attract Mosquitoes?

You’re more likely to be bitten by mosquitos if you’re wearing any set of dark colors. These include red, black, navy, or blue. Dark printed patterns are also risky, as mosquitos are attracted to bold colors in general. 

If you want to avoid their bites, aim to wear loose and light clothing. Tighter clothes sit closer to your skin, thereby allowing the mosquito to get close enough to pierce you. Looser clothing makes you less likely to be bitten. Of course, more fabric means more protection; opt for long pants instead of shorts, if possible.

Why Are There So Many Mosquitoes in My House?

You may be wondering why your house has so many mosquitos to start with. Mosquitos can invade a home with loose doors and window screens, especially if it’s located near pools of water. Weather also plays a role in where mosquitos live, as they prefer tropical, humid climates.

Your first step to a mosquito-free home would be to thoroughly investigate your doors and windows. Do you see any gaps where light or wind squeeze through? If so, that’s enough space for a mosquito to wiggle its way in. Make sure your entrances are sealed and ensure you close all doors and windows once the sun starts setting. 

Another difference between receiving one mosquito and one family of them in your home is water. If you live near a swamp or other stagnant body of water, you are neighbors to a mosquito breeding ground. The same can be said if you leave a bucket of water sitting outside your house for a few days. A female mosquito will lay around 100 eggs at a time in any still body of water she can find… that’s a lot of future bug bites. Clear up any puddles of water to make your yard inhospitable to these pests. 

How Can I Get Rid of Mosquitoes in and Around My House?

Luckily for us, we aren’t doomed to be itchy forever. While you can’t change your blood type or the amount you sweat, you can eliminate mosquitos from your environment through repellents, insecticides, or a mosquito trap. 

Repellents can come in the form of lotions, sprays, wipes, candles, or even ultrasonic soundwaves. Insecticides are substances used to kill insects. They usually work as a spray around your house and can be applied by the homeowner or through a professional pest company. Mosquito traps can come in the form of UV lights, suction fans, or zappers. There are tons of products in-store and online for all of these options, so scan through the reviews on MepiNetwork to make sure you buy the best one for you.

In summary…

Keep in mind the following acronym for avoiding mosquitos: CLESSP.

  • C – Clothes: Avoid dark colors. Wear light and loose clothing. 
  • L – Light: Fewer lights, fewer mosquitos. If needed, warmer-toned lights are best. Avoid UV lights unless they’re part of a mosquito trap.
  • E Eat: Eat less sugary and salty foods if you’re planning to be outside in the evening. 
  • S Smell: Avoid strongly-scented products – especially floral scents!
  • S Sweat: Keep your temperature cool with a fan or shower before heading into mosquito territory. Remember that they use your sweaty smell as a target for their bites!
  • P – Products: Buy a peer-reviewed product to help fight against mosquitos this summer.

With CLESSP in mind, we can leave mosquitos behind!


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